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Individuals / Schools / Legal


No matter what your drug testing needs are including sports, student, legal or family,  PERS DATA will provide cost-effective, reliable and confidential services. We have many options available including urine and hair follicle testing. We can test on children, teens and adults. Your results are kept confidential and are only released to those that you choose in accordance with Consent & Authorization Release forms. Contact us to determine which test meet your needs and to schedule an appointment.

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School and Athletic Programs


Many schools have implemented drug testing programs to help deter students against drug use. Participation in school-sponsored extracurricular activities is a privilege. Students in athletic activities and members of the student government have a responsibility to avoid the use of illegal and performance enhancing drugs. PERS DATA can help your school or athletic program create a drug testing program to deter, prevent and intervene with illegal drug use.

Legal Testing


There are many reasons why you may need a court-ordered drug test such as child custody cases, probation, DUI or DWI. PERS DATA can help you comply with your court ordered drug testing. Your results are kept confidential and released to only those that you choose in accordance with Consent & Authorization to Release forms. We will work with you, your attorney and the courts to meet your drug testing needs.



When you suspect someone close to you is using drugs it may be difficult to know what to do. You may notice certain behavioral changes , financial, educational and legal problems develop. Many drugs are highly addictive.  Drugs will take control of the person abusing them. If you suspect that someone close to you is using drugs, PERS DATA has a variety of testing options.

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